How do you Make a Sweet in 4 Minutes

When I think back on my brownie and girl scout days, I remember what a joy it was for my scout leader to draw the popsicle stick with my name written on it from the empty cardboard frozen juice canister. This meant I had the chance to bring snacks for all the girls and myself to enjoy at the snack time of our next meeting. One of my favorite snacks was “Ants On a Log”- celery sticks with peanut butter spread inside and raisins dotted on top of the peanut butter. This in itself was delicious, but as a young lady I now wonder, what could make this recipe more dessert-like and give it more variety? Here is what I came up with.

Ladybugs On A Log

1 bunch of celery
A jar of Nutella
Some dried cherries or dried cranberries
Caramel syrup in a bottle

With a sharp knife, slice up the celery into sticks, as customary. Cut diagonally for a bit of elegance.
Spread Nutella inside the celery sticks – this maintains the smoothness of Ants On a Log, but adds even more sweetness.
Place a few dried cherries and/or cranberries spaced out along the Nutella.
To make it even more of a decadent treat, drizzle caramel syrup lightly on top of the cherries or cranberries and Nutella, in a zig zag fashion for complete, yet subtle flavor coverage.

Take a bite, and you can enjoy smooth, crunchy, chewy, tangy sweetness all at once, giving the girl (or boy!) scout in you a bit of reminiscence mixed with indulgence.

For those out there who want even more indulgence in this creative treat, I would suggest soaking the dried cherries or cranberries in half a shot of bourbon or rum in a small bowl and microwaving this for 45 seconds. Mix a little, then let the alcohol soak in for a minute or two, and add the cherries or cranberries to your celery sticks and Nutella for a juicy taste that will send your taste buds for a whirl.