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What to do if you Order a Meal in a Restaurant and don’t like it

One of the many pleasures of dining out is the opportunity to try new and different foods from the everyday fare you are used to eating at home.  Whether you’re trying an unusual item on the menu or experimenting with an entirely different type of cuisine, you know you’re taking a risk when you order something out […]

Fruit Pies Freeze well

Fruit pies will keep for about three months in the freezer and still be as fresh, or almost, as when first baked. A well stocked freezer with several fruit pies ready for thawing out and serving will come in handy during busy holidays. Too, freezing uses up the excess amount of apples from the backyard […]

Candy Making 101

If you hate baking, try candy making. I started making candy a few years back. Before then I spent many hours in the kitchen making dozens of cookies for Christmas. I never enjoyed baking because many times you have to chill the dough, then you have to wait for the cookies to bake, and if […]

Step by Step Guide to Making Pie Crusts

Pie crust, while not difficult to make, takes some practice, and it requires finding the right recipe. It also takes some equipment. Of course, you need a rolling pin. These can be made of wood, plastic, glass, marble, or various other composites. Anything that is smooth, and remains relatively cool is the best choice if […]

How to Make Apple Pie Filling

Apple pie is only as good as the apples you use, and the kind of apple you choose depends on whether you want a sweeter apple or one that is fairly tart. This pie favorite is one of the easiest to make from scratch. Start with a good baking apple, such as Granny Smith or […]

Apple Pie Filling Homemade Apple Pie Filling Moms Apple Pie Filling

There are probably as many homemade apple pie filling recipes, varying from family to family, as there are families cutting and eating those delicious, homespun apple pies. Apple pie is an American icon, existing equally with Mom and love – and rightfully so. Offered here is a smattering of those treasured apple pie fillings and the quick-to-read method […]

Pie Pans Pie Plates Pie Cookware

Baking a delicious pie with a flaky crust and perfectly-done filling requires really good ingredients, a little know-how, and the best cookware or pie pans you can find. This all-important pie plate must meet a few requirements, such as appropriate weight, ease of use, and good reviews. Do a little investigating, ask around. This information is important for […]

Homemade Ice Cream and Frozen Treats 101

Few things are better than ice cream – homemade ice cream being one of these few things. Making your own ice cream really isn’t that much of a difficult process. In fact, all you need are a few ingredients. One of the best things about making your own ice cream is that you get to […]

Treatments available for Sinusitis

Lots of individuals in the United States of America endure sinusitis. Sinus problems like AMS that also called acute maxillary sinusitis happens to be an infection in the sinus cavities of the skull. This could potentially cause sniffling, coughing, a post nasal drip, a scratchy throat, clogged ears, and a great variety of different symptoms. Symptoms […]

How do you Make a Sweet in 4 Minutes

When I think back on my brownie and girl scout days, I remember what a joy it was for my scout leader to draw the popsicle stick with my name written on it from the empty cardboard frozen juice canister. This meant I had the chance to bring snacks for all the girls and myself […]